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Baie des Citrons 06
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Le 30/07/2005 à 17:13:27 
c'est trop beau sa me rapelle trop de souvenir vivement que je retourne habiter la bas
Le 05/10/2005 à 15:50:40 
t'as raison la BDC c'est trop beau et les plateformes c trop génial
Le 23/09/2006 à 19:48:23 
que de souvenir .bien le bonjour à mon pote jojo de la dumbea
Le 12/09/2007 à 21:10:04 
souvenirs, souvenirs des annee1986 passe la bas
minou 413
Le 01/10/2007 à 15:52:16 
Elle est magnifiques cette plage.
tom 29
Le 31/01/2008 à 20:46:04 
trop de souvenir sur cette plage ke du bonheur!!sejour 2002 2004
Le 23/02/2010 à 00:17:54 
trop de souvenir a cette plage avec mes potes des anneés 2002 à 2004 la ou j habiter j avais une une plandide sur la marina la meilleure piscine c le CNC
Le 12/03/2011 à 17:33:50 
beaucoup de souvenir 1995.1997
Le 03/10/2013 à 22:20:08 
magnifique je l ai vue trop de souvenir on veux y retourner le bonheur et de voir notre famille kanak.....
Le 12/08/2015 à 20:30:06 
Hi David! Your shirt choices do make sense. Originally I stetrad buying shirts that had the destination name written in the local language (which is why I only have so few in Europe) but after going to Egypt and Asia I figured finding the local names on things would be difficult and gave up.As for shot glasses, I don't know. I don't use them at all hardly ever. I just think they look nice to sit out.Hi April! I know what you mean. The trick with shirts is getting one that is one size larger for when it will eventually shrink too much. We bought Angie jewelry in Asia but it broke as soon as she put it on. Luckily her mom is awesome at fixing things and they're now good to go. Any problems like that from your jewelry?
Le 07/08/2016 à 07:19:53 
Hat's off to Bernie. Patriotism comes out only when it is being suppressed. The attempt to keep the debate dumbed down so the status quo could remain... ie Carney wins, and Kovich wins his next seat whatever it may be, appears to be successful.I think the problem stems from the fact that third party candidates in the &qq;ooolden&uutt; days were kooky, and that stereotype remains, even though it now consists of smart people who are simply trying to right the wrongs of the current system.
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